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For years, the meat industry has depended on synthetically produced sodium nitrate for creating cured meat and products cost-efficiently; the additive has proven itself as a preservative and color fixative, and has provided a sure way to deliver the key characteristics meat lovers look for. For inhibiting lipid oxidation, slowing the development of off-flavors, and improving color stability, processors have long used synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, PG and TBHQ to achieve the shelf life extension they need.

More recently, manufacturers are turning to natural compounds, including plant extracts, aiming to replicate (as nearly as possible) the functionality provided by traditional synthetics.

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Customers continue to look for natural ingredients

Right in the labeling

“Natural” label is most influential both when shopping and when purchasing food prepared outside the home.

"Meating" the market demand

3,238 new products used plant extracts in the preservation of meat between 2009-2019.

Innova, 2020

In home or eating out...

More than 20% of consumers are more likely to purchase food from a restaurant if the food is uses “clean ingredients.”