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For plant-based alternative proteins, moving beyond frozen formats brings new preservation challenges in terms of safety, shelf life and spoilage. Solving them is crucial for even long-established consumer brands, but for plant-based protein products — about which many consumers’ minds are not made up — getting freshness right in terms of safety, taste, texture, aroma and appearance is a make-or-break proposition.

Solutions developed for and proven in meat applications are also proving to be similarly efficacious in plant-based protein products.

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Formulating for alternative protein success

The plant-based meat alternative market grew double digits in 2019 with gains strong across all regions. Household penetration for plant-based meat alternatives is 14% -- meaning about one in seven households have purchased a plant-based meat alternative product at least once in the past year.* As this category continues to grow, delivering products that give you the shelf life you need and the great taste consumers desire will continue to be a challenge.

As you navigate plant-based meat alternatives, take the experts at Corbion with you. 

*Source: Power of Meat 2020

Put our science and formulation expertise to work for you.

Corbion has a broad portfolio of innovative solutions to help you with your plant-based alternative proteins that deliver the safety, spoilage control and desired taste, texture and color in traditional or natural solutions.

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Plant-based alternative protein insights

Family is the dominant influencer

when it comes to trying plant-based alternative proteins.

Gut Check, 2019

Plant-based alternative proteins 

have a 12% household penetration rate, a one-year increase of 1.8 million homes.

The Good Food Institute, June 2019

As demand for variety increases

retailers are devoting additional shelf space to plant-based products.

The Good Food Institute, June 2019