Create better meat snacks – naturally

Craft safe, longer lasting meat snacks that don’t compromise taste or quality with natural Verdad® ingredients.

See for yourself how well this natural portfolio of products performs with a complimentary sample box containing meat snacks made with Verdad Powder N20, Verdad Powder N30 and Verdad Opti Powder XM10.

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Experience the performance of Verdad by trying meat sticks made from our products:

Verdad Powder N20: An innovative solution that increases product yield up to 3%.

Verdad Powder N30: A truly natural solution that makes it easy to protect against mold and yeast in low moisture snacks.

Verdad Opti Powder XM10: Three-in-one solution that performs in high moisture snacks. Extend the freshness and protect against mold, yeast and bacteria without compromising taste.

Quick bites on what drives consumers to choose meat snacks

Ingredient solutions for today’s meat snacks

According to recent data from Nielson, dollar sales of meat snacks have experienced a 4.8% compound growth rate over the past four years. The appeal of portability, nutrition in the way of proteins and satiety have led to meat snacks keeping a wide appeal.

Learn more about the growing meat snack market and the solutions that can help you create the quality, longer lasting products consumers are looking for.

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