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The power of lactic acid

Creating safer and more sustainable products, and complying with challenging regulations, requires innovative chemistry solutions. Lactic acid is a versatile building block for the development of biobased and non-toxic co-polymers. By careful co-polymer design it is possible to fine-tune and adjust specific properties and functionalities, like biodegradability, release profile or adhesion, to develop tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. As well as unleashing competitive advantage through technology breakthroughs, this allows for a more sustainable future for all.

Advanced functionality, superior sustainability with SENTIALL®

Flexible co-polymer design already shows significant promise in a number of markets and industries. Download Corbion’s exclusive new paper, which highlights successful examples of advanced lactic acid design and technology and how this has led to the development of high-performing, sustainable solutions across multiple industries.
Unlock the SENTIALL® toolbox and discover the steps behind co-polymer design – including precise selection of biobased building blocks, co-monomer ratio and the polymerization process – so that ultimate control of properties can be obtained.
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